Selling online

To start selling your products online you will need a webshop. This can be as simple as adding a few images with a price to your website, and using an email form for orders.

In most cases though, you will be much better off using a full content management system with an automatic order system that can take care of payments so you just have to send out the sold product. And fill up the product catalog of course.

Always included:

  • Unique web design with your corporate identity as inspiration
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Correct coding according to the W3C guidelines
  • Registration with known search engines

Based on your specific requirements we provide customized services. Please contact us for a non-committal quotation.


From € 495;-

  • Wordpress & Woocommerce
  • As many products as you need
  • Different payment methods
  • Price calculation by weight, amount, etc.
  • Many other features