Photo of Yoran Heij

Yoran Heij

Background: Founder of To The Point Design. He has over 10 years of experience in web design, graphical design and technical support.

He moved to Germany in 2012 and decided in 2016 to expand the business to Berlin as well.

Likes: Performing with fire, creating string-art and dancing under the sun.

Favourite drink: Strong black coffee.

Photo of Jonas Nolander

Jonas Nolander

Background: The newest member of the team. He has years of experience in technical customer support.

Beside a passion for open source software and web design he brings with him two degrees from the university. One in Library and Information Science, the other in Cultural Studies.

Likes: Aesthetics of music, film, and retro video games.

Favourite Word: "Moist".

Photo of a possible new member of To The Point Design

This could be you!

Background: Any background you might think of, knowledge of content management systems, PHP and javascript are an advantage. Being fluent in German might come in handy as well.

Likes: Working in an international team, overusing caffeine and playing the occasional video game.

Favourite color: Orange.