Our way of working

To The Point Design works with you on the design and details of your website.  Since we want to be able to offer our services throughout all of Germany, the Netherlands and even Europe, most of our contact is done over email or video conferences over Skype.

We constructed a roadmap so you can follow our process and know where we stand with the development of your website.

1. Orientation meeting

At our first meeting you will have ample opportunity to get to know To The Point Design and we also have the chance to get to know your organization. We exchange thoughts with you about your requirements, possibilities and plans. We get an idea about the time course of the development process.

If meeting in real life is not possible we offer the possibility to have a video conferences over Skype.

2. Offer and Agreement

We make a price calculation on the basis of the information we have collected. We also make a comprehensive planning, which we indicate when certain benchmarks are achieved in the development process. Once you agree with our offer we get some coffee and start building your website.

3. Designing your website

Based on your requirements, corporate identity and general feel of your company we make a first draft of the website. On different times in the development you have the opportunity to give feedback on the results.

4. Delivery of content

Before we can start to actually build your website we need you to deliver the content of your website, namely text, images and any other components to us. Of course we will advise you on the suitability of the provided content with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

5. Building the website

Once we have to majority of the content we can start building the website. During this time we will provide you with an (virtual) environment on our server where we combine the design and content, and you can follow the progress of the development process.

6. Check

The check phase is the last phase before before the site becomes operational. Now all components can be tested by you and possibly adjusted.

7. Completion

After approval of the final version we will upload the website to your webhoster. Your website is online!

8. Maintenance

After your website is completed we remain your point of contact. As your business grows, your websites and Internet applications should grow with you. As for maintaining your website, you can take out a maintenance contract with us or choose separate maintenance hours to keep your website attractive and up-to-date.