To The Point Design

At the end of 2007 two friends came together and talked about their love for web development, correct coding and annoyance of mistakes made in web design. It must be possible to do better?

To The Point Design was born. We started as a company January 2008 in a city called Wijk bij Duurstede in the central part of the Netherlands. In 2012 we moved the headquarters to Berlin, Germany, where we are still located.

To the Point Design stands for clean and clear web design which is, according to us, one of the most important aspects of the modern day web experience.

International team

To The Point Design has a small and experienced international team that brings not only its love for web design and broad knowledge about related topics, but also the ability to speak a variety of languages.

Currently, we can communicate with you in English, German, Dutch and Swedish (In addition to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, of course).

Photo of Yoran Heij Photo of Jonas Nolander


To The Point Design works with you on the design and details of your website.  Since we want to be able to offer our services throughout all of Germany, the Netherlands and even Europe, most of our contact is done over email or video conferences over Skype.

We constructed a roadmap so you can follow our process and know where we stand with the development of your website. Take a look at the roadmap on our methods page.

More questions?

Please check our FAQ section for many common questions or contact us directly.